MTM2MzIyNjcxMzM5MTIwMjQy.jpg       Just before the star of New York Fashion Week, the perfect moment to launch Olivia’s line collaborating with Nordstrom. 

When I was younger I used to see Olivia in fashion magazines and I was always fascinated with her outfits. There is no one who can style simple pieces the way she does. I always had an eye on her through Instagram and her blog. Whenever I find myself in need for inspiration I just scroll through my Pinterest board dedicated to her. And now seeing her launch a line makes me so happy.

Olivia Palermo + Chelsea 28′ is officially out in stores. The clothes resemble her style perfectly, feminine and simple. There are several options to choose, I would say my personal favourite is this dress, just for it’s simplicity and the neutral colour. A good choice for walking around in a hot summer day or even for a casual evening…


This two pieces set is to die for, I’ve been looking for something like that for ages and this one is just amazing. She added a belt over it wich makes it look even better.



If I ever saw this dress in a store I would instantly think about Olivia, it’s such a look she would do with some flat, but those boots look completely amazing with the dress.


Finally, this are some of my favourites pieces.

On Thursday she will be checking out the collection in New York. If you want to see the full collection go to her official website. Thank you Olivia.


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