There’s this feeling you have when you get a new magazine that’s quite difficult to explain. When you are completely emerged in the fashion world a fashion magazine is a ticket to happiness and, more importantly, inspiration. Of course, it’s easy to click into the Vogue website, different blogs or even get your daily inspiration through your Instagram feed but what a fashion magazine provides you is definitely difficult to get from a screen. I think the secret is in the images which kinda help you to get more invested in the clothes or the message itself.

A few years ago I got really into art and yes, it was nice seeing Van Gogh’s work from my computer. I even got a book of his work because I couldn’t get enough of him. I’ve always said my favourite work was ‘Starry Night over the Rhone’ but I have never stopped to think the reason why, actually. Last month I visited the Musée d’Orsay in Paris where there are a few pieces of his work. Finally, I got to see in real life ‘Starry Night over the Rhone’ and my perspective of it changed. Of course, I still liked it but the way I saw it hanging on the wall of this stunning museum was completely different from the way I used to see it from my computer laying on my bed.

My point is that the same thing happens with fashion magazines. Obviously, the magazines pages won’t give you the same effect as appreciating an artwork in real life but it will actually make you feel something similar. When you can go trough the pages and touch them it gives you more power, there’s something about knowing the hard work that comes behind every issue that will make you appreciate it even more.

For a while, I’ve been a fan of the new Gucci bag by Alessandro Michele, the Dionysus bag. When I first saw it was in the catwalk and I thought it was a nice bag but nothing else. The second time I saw was in the Gucci store in Rome and I thought it was a nice bag again. The third time I saw it was on the Vogue pages, the way I saw that bag changed completely, I don’t know if it was how they styled it or just the power that Vogue has to make you develop a feeling for something you thought was nothing too special. I really did think it was just a nice bag but nothing to get hype about until Vogue showed it to me. I don’t want to give the hypocrite vibe by saying that I didn’t like this bag until Vogue made me like it. No. It’s the opposite. I really liked this bag but the feeling never went further. Vogue has the power to make you see thing differently.





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  1. julialundinblog says:

    That gorgeous gorgeous dress!

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